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5 Questions You Can Have About Breast Reconstruction Surgeries

Jared G. Cooley
Written by Jared G. Cooley

Breast reconstructive surgeries is a medical procedure that is especially opted for by many women who are aiming at reconstructing the look of their breast especially after a breast surgery that many breast cancer women go through in order to regain their look and especially after going under medical procedures that is supposed to take out cancerous cells and prevent them from further spread.

For that, in this article we will list to you 5 questions that should have answered before opting for this medical procedure and be comfortable with your choice.

1) Ask about your doctor

One of the first questions you should ask your doctor is about board certification. This is simply an indication of a professional who has undergone extensive training and has been approved by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. If your surgeon doesn’t have this certification, speak to him or her about it. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Doctor and Nurse Consulting with Patient

2) Is your doctor experienced enough?

Another question you should ask your surgeon is about his or her experience. This can also be determined by your past choices and your research. A good surgeon will be able to tell you about his or her past experiences. You can even find out about his or her patients through the Better Business Bureau or similar organization.

Also, you should ask about a surgeon’s experience comes from using the latest technology in reconstructive surgery. Whether the breast implant was used or not will have a great effect on the outcome. You may even want to ask about the material used. Most surgeons will want to use the best material possible for each patient, but the latest techniques are also essential.

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3) Talk to your surgeon

You should also ask your surgeon about whether or not a patient has had any complications from his or her previous surgeries. Of course, everyone experiences some complications from time to time.

However, there will be more complications if the person has previously had breast or reconstructive surgery. This is why it is important to only choose a surgeon who has experience dealing with your type of operation. Even though you might think that you can “learn on the job”, this is rarely the case.

4) Ask about the recovery

The last of the questions you need to ask about breast reconstruction deals with recovery. After almost any type of surgery, there will be some pain and discomfort involved. The surgeon will tell you what the best way to deal with these feelings is. This is especially important when considering breast reconstruction after trauma or other major surgery.

You should note that you must ask as many questions as you feel comfortable with during your consultation. It is important that you completely trust your surgeon and take every question seriously.

5) Ask about the policies and the risks

What procedures are typically covered by insurance? Many insurance policies cover the costs of certain types of surgeries, including breast reconstruction. If this is the case for you, inquire about what surgeries are covered under your plan. You may find that some procedures are excluded, but you should always contact your insurance company before making a final decision about the procedure.

It is a no brainer that that you should know what are the risks involved in having this surgery? There is always some risk involved with any surgery, but the risks tend to be lower with breast reconstruction than with most other surgeries. While the risks may be higher for women who smoke, drink alcohol, or have any other medical conditions, this is not true for all women. Be sure to discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon before having the procedure.

It is also important to ask about whether or not you will need to take special pills or take vitamins? Will you have to use some kind of incision cloths or bandages? These are all good questions to ask if you want to make sure that you are as healthy as possible after the operation. Your surgeon will give you answers to these questions and more before your breast reconstruction begins.

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