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12 Reasons for Blood Sugar Swings

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Jared G. Cooley
Written by Jared G. Cooley

Let’s face it; no one wants to deal with the consequences of a roller-coaster ride. No one wants to experience hypoglycemia and all of the complications that go along with it. No one wants to be cursed by the medical profession and told they have diabetes because their blood sugar level was out of control. No one wants to hear the dreaded words, “You’re going to need to get your blood sugar levels in order.” So, the following are 12 reasons for blood sugar swings:


The truth is that stress and anxiety do not cause high blood sugars. They only increase your risk. If you have a lifestyle that puts you in a constant state of stress, you should look at lifestyle changes. You will need to eliminate stress if you want to be free of high blood sugars.

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Poor diet

You should follow a healthy diet. But if you do not have the right information, you can get some wrong information, and this can cause you to make poor choices. You might choose some low-quality foods that can ruin your health—for example, junk food and fast food.

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Being overweight is a contributing factor in having high sugar levels in your bloodstream. It is not necessarily the most significant contributing factor, but it is a factor. An overweight person is usually not exercising, is eating high protein foods, and has a low diet. This combination can lead to weight gain and insulin resistance, leading to uncontrolled blood sugar levels.

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Chronic dehydration

It can be caused by fluid retention from strenuous activity or alcohol abuse. People with diabetes commonly experience elevated thirst and urination. This can signal an impending diabetic crisis. It would be best if you drink plenty of water.


It is recommended that a person with diabetes sleep six hours a night and get eight hours of restful sleep. If you are sleeping excessively, this can increase your risk of high sugar levels in your bloodstream. Sleep is essential for keeping the body’s internal systems balanced.

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You have been fed on sweet foods since you were a child. This habit has extended into adulthood and can wreak havoc on your blood sugar levels. Many people with diabetes have developed eating disorders simply because they are unable to resist sugar cravings.


The next time you eat any carbohydrate, try cutting it up into little pieces. It will take some doing, but the result should be a decrease in blood sugar. Now I know you may be thinking, how can that be possible since carbohydrates are what I use to power my body.

One reason is that there are far too many people who do not listen to the warning signs. They think that if the dose of insulin they are taking is large enough, it won’t matter. They are so trusting of this life-saving medicine that they can’t fathom a world where it isn’t used. And they become dangerously complacent as their numbers climb.


It occurs when you have low levels of glucose in your blood. This is a severe reason for high blood sugar because the body treats it as an emergency condition. If you do not change your diet immediately, your blood sugar level can rise to dangerously high levels.


Depression is a widespread problem. Some people do not eat properly. They look forward to their meals, but they realize that what they have eaten disagrees with them when they get to the table. Some people do not want to eat at all.

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Being in love is also another reason. Some people feel nervous when they are first starting a new relationship. The newness of the relationship can cause stress. You need to relax and try to be happy. The blood sugar will go up if you are stressed out. You need to figure out a way to be satisfied.

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When we exercise, our body starts to burn more fat. It uses excess sugar as fuel. That is why you see people running on a treadmill or walking on a treadmill. They are burning off calories. If you are overweight, exercising may be the only way to reduce your blood sugar level.

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