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11 signs of pregnancy

Mark Hector
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You’ve got a baby on board ? You should know it if it is the case. Because, your life is about to change.

This a subject every woman should know about. If you have a 13 years old girl, yet you should begin her education about this one.

Before a woman passes the famous pregnancy test, there are signs that give an early insight about it.

Photo of Amina Filkins via Pexels

Attention, many of these early signs are similar to symptoms you have right before you get your period. Sometimes, it will be hard to identify the difference. You still need to do your test to know for sure you are pregnant. Although, here are the 11 most known early symptoms.

Pregnancy test

When you have a suspicion of a pregnancy it is better to use a pregnancy test.

Pregnancy tests are sold in pharmacies. The result is reliable, just a few days after a late period. A doctor can also perform a pregnancy test.

The pregnancy test measures the chorionic gonadotropin hormone also known as HCG or beta-HCG. This hormone is secreted by the cells of the future placenta as soon as the embryo is installed in the uterine wall. It is detectable around 8 days after fertilization and throughout pregnancy. Its quantity is highest in the body between the 7th and 12th week of pregnancy, then falls.

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The pregnancy test comes in the form of a stick or card. The device contains antibodies that react in the presence of the pregnancy hormone, indicating a blue line or a small cross depending on whether you are “pregnant” or “not pregnant”.

Before pregnancy test, some signs can be give you a preliminary warning.

1. Late / Missed period

This is obvious, you will say. 

Ok, but if you’ve missed the menstrual period where you usually have it running as a clock, you should begin asking yourself questions.

Missed period is, for good reason, the number one factor in suspecting pregnancy. No expectant mom will tell you the contrary.

You should, although, know that in rare cases some moms may have gotten some short and light period (or something looking as it. Often, this is something called implantation bleeding. A lot of woman can mistake it for a menstrual period 

When such a thing happens, you may not realize a missed period at first.

2. Fatigue

Getting pregnant is hard work. With hormonal changes, the feeling of fatigue becomes greater and greater.
This fatigue that begins to be felt is one of the early symptoms of pregnancy.
Ask the mothers around you, almost all of them will have felt tired, especially at the start of pregnancy.
When a woman becomes pregnant, her body devotes part of her energy to the physiological tasks necessary for the good progress of the pregnancy. God knows there is a slew of them (building a placenta, developing blood connections, growing the baby …).
All of this can cause pregnancy fatigue that begins soon after conception.
When you have persistent fatigue, start asking yourself questions.

3. Increased sensitivity of smell
Another symptom of early pregnancy is an exacerbation of the sense of smell. A pregnant woman often becomes much more sensitive. The previously light odors become really very strong. Usually this can be smelled in the kitchen where food smells become unappealing.Also, your baby’s scent may become undesirable. Many women in early pregnancy report odors more easily to their companions. Beware of conflicts.If your sniffling sense is easily offended, it may be that there is a baby in the air.

4. Morning sickness
You might have seen it in the movies, well it’s true.The nauseating sensations affect pregnant women, especially at the beginning of pregnancy. This feeling resembles seasickness.
Morning sickness is more common upon waking up. However, feelings of nausea can arise at any time of the day.This feeling is most developed when you are 6 weeks pregnant. However, they can appear before and in rare cases continue until the end of the fat.
Nausea is caused by increased progesterone levels. Sometimes imbalances in estrogen and hCG can be responsible for this symptom. These imbalances cause slow stomach emptying.

5. Aversions to certain foods
Following nausea and exacerbation of smell, may cause aversions to food.Indeed, your extra-sensitive nose can be responsible for the aversion to food. Sometimes just the thought of certain foods can be enough to cause nausea. Some foods that you normally enjoy can turn your stomach upside down. Watch out for repeated vomiting.
This early symptom of pregnancy can be triggered by foods that don’t necessarily have a strong taste or smell such as green salad.
Again, hormones play a big part. This symptom does not appear in everyone. It disappears at the start of the second trimester.
Don’t worry: this early symptom of pregnancy often passes into the second trimester, when things have calmed down.

6. Emotional episodes
Once again, blame these pregnancy-related hormonal changes. They are the direct cause of any emotional episodes you might experience.Better to have anticipate these mood swings to better live them.
Appearing in the first month of your pregnancy, you may experience a feeling of crankiness. Beware of arguments as a couple.
A little later in the first trimester and regularly throughout the rest of the pregnancy, you might be restless one day and depressed the next.
In addition to the chemical changes associated with pregnancy getting out of hand, your life is going to change in incredible ways, so it is quite normal for your state of mind to get out of hand. Do what you can to give yourself a break, walk slowly, do water aerobics, eat well. Everything will pass.

7. Painful and tense breasts

Many other suggestive symptoms can occur early in pregnancy, all related to the surge in sex hormone secretion. For example, more swollen breasts with bulging nipples that turn darker in color may be a sign of pregnancy. They sometimes become covered with small granular swellings, which correspond to small glands (Montgomery tubercles) and can become painful to the touch. These breast changes are often extremely early. For some expectant mothers, it can result in discomfort or even pain. Fortunately, there are solutions to relieve breast pain.

8. Weight gain

Some women report having experienced weight gain or, conversely, weight loss early in their pregnancy.Weight gain can vary during pregnancy. Typically, women gain less weight in the first trimester, ranging from 500 g to 2 kg (1 to 4.5 pounds). Nausea in early pregnancy can decrease appetite, so some women may lose weight in the first trimester.

9. Acne breakouts

Another manifestation of pregnancy is the onset of acne breakouts.The cause of pregnancy acne: the hormone spike! Acne pimples are formed when the sebaceous glands, unbalanced by pregnancy hormones (estrogen and progesterone), produce too much sebum which clogs the pores of the skin.

10. Sleeping troubles

Sleep disturbances are also cited among the exchanges of Doctinauts.Pregnant women report daytime sleepiness, fatigue, and more frequent naps from the tenth week of pregnancy. Increased duration of nighttime sleep, longer time spent asleep, and longer wakefulness after falling asleep are also reported.

11. Intuition

Finally, some women say they had a hunch …Ultimately, the signs are so numerous and so variable from one person to another that it would be difficult to base the diagnosis of pregnancy on them. Especially since many women do not experience any of these symptoms. However, the presence of one or more of these changes may attract attention.

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