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11 Foods and Drinks to Avoid Diabetes

These foods are actually rich in carbohydrates and are usually not a part of standard diabetic diets. If you are able to significantly reduce the intake of these foods, you will be able to significantly reduce the chances of developing health problems that are caused by high levels of glucose in your bloodstream.

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  • Carbohydrates

Another thing that diabetic patients and dietitians usually ignore to pay attention to is the quantity and the type of carbohydrates consumed. Most people who are diagnosed with diabetes are advised to reduce the amount of carbohydrates that they intake.

This is because they are believed to cause blood sugar levels to rise, which can eventually lead to diabetic complications. However, if you are determined to continue eating carbohydrate-rich foods even after having been diagnosed as having diabetes, you may run the risk of developing kidney failure or a heart disease, two of the most common complications of diabetes.

In addition, research shows that diabetics who eat too much carbohydrate are also at risk of developing some forms of cancer.

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